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You'll be getting very close to finishing your quilt by now. In fact, some of you have already finished your own versions of the quilt, using alternative designs and fabrics for the back. Looking great I must say! 

We'd love to see the results of all your hard work so please send in photos of your quilts to the 'Submit your project' section of the website. 

We really hope you've enjoyed making all the lovely projects from the magazine, and of course your seaside inspired quilt. Visit our website at to see what other exciting craft projects we offer. 


Hi do we know if there will be another one...

Let's hope not as the customer service has been appalling.
The quilt is made and I am pleased with the result but I think the lack of provision of templates that work has made the process stressful when it did not need to be.

This is my second Hatchette quilt and my last. I don't think the magazine is value for money when you consider the templates that have to be downloaded and printed out and the fabric I have left over. Also some weeks a magazine was produced when just giving instructions. I think some of the processes could have been combined and not so strung out. However that would have been less money for the company I guess.

i gave up making a square each week as i it was frustrating to be told to put them to one side until a later date! i expected to be able to complete a section at a time. So i waited until i had all the squares for a particular section then made that section in one go! the embelishments of buttons etc could have been left to the end. mind you i probaly won't use them as who wants to lay on a button?!

I agree with the comments above. Absolutely love the finished article but feel some of it was strung out and towards the end the hand quilting and binding was included before various parts of the quilt were finished. Some material I ran out of so had to buy more issues of the magazine. The biggest problem as mentioned above was asking for the templates. The template for issue 88 is still not online and I cannot be bothered to chase so will improvise. THE TEMPLATES SHOULD HAVE BEEN ONLINE BEFORE THE MAGAZINE WAS ON SALE. As much as I like the finished article I will not be buying anymore Hachette publications because of poor customer service and communication.

totally agree with the above comments. Have just sent a message about templates for issue 88 so let's hope they pop up a.s.a.p. Mind I'm not holding my breath. Funny how there have been no messages since January and then as the end is in sight one pops up!!!!!! Commitment???????????

Hi I hope that someone can help Need template for issue 24 sea side quilt or if I can download would help it's the template boat thanks happy sewing priz

hope this works for you!

Im a bit confused as to the size of the sandcastle for the back of the quilt. every time I print it out its too small. can anyone tell me how large this has to be as there is no info at all on the website or in the magerzines to what size I have to enlage it to?
Carrie :(

I have the same problem as Carrie , it either prints out too small or I only get the top left hand corner.

Help as this is a big template to try and make yourself.


Templates online have been a big problem and considering the overall cost, the quilt templates should have definitely come hard copy with the magazine. I am still searching for the sand to put on the bucket which should be online with issue 76.
I think that unless you have an A3 printer it is impossible to print out the big sandcastle.

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