Appliqué the right cloud and sun and preparing the left border

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An exciting issue this week as we finally start to appliqué the giant seaside scene onto the back of our quilt! With it you should have received a large piece of plain light blue fabric for the cloud, and some yellow spot for the sun that we will make with turned edge appliqué – the same technique we have used for the squares on the front. You will also need the templates for each shape. When attaching these pieces to the back with slip stitch, use short lengths of the embroidery thread because they will be stronger. Or alternatively, use a similar colour sewing thread.

In issue 73 we are preparing the left border of patches using the same method we used with the other sides. Lay out your patches in the right order before you begin to pin them together to make sure you have them all. Don’t forget to label the sections at the end so you know which is which when we come back to them later. If you are sewing them together by hand the best stitch to use is a running stitch. 


Yet again we have to download templates for quilt which aren't with magazine.
But where are they? What happens to those unable to keep up to date and don't get this far before publication finishes? Will they still be able to get this templates?

I totally agree with woowoowoman we pay enough for the book the patterns should be with it does anyone know when the pattern will be on the site

I agree - so frustrating. I have emailed and asked where it is and guess what - no reply!

Come on upload it and let us get on with it.

I wonder when there going to upload them?!
I wanna get started!!!!

Please could we include the templates in the magazine. My printer is broken. They are simple templates and the outlines could be printed over the written instructions if there is no space in the magazine. I love this magazine and I have estimated the size of the cloud and drawn my own. I am pleased with the result this time but I am no artist, please print the templates for us. Thank you.

Frustrated that some templates come with the magazine and some don't. No consistency. Plus, if I didn't have the use of my work printer I wouldn't be able to print the templates, so what about those that don't have these facilities at home? The magazine should come complete with everything you need to be able to do these projects, ie templates.
Love this magazine and am really enjoying the quilt project, don't ruin it for us.

I cant believe there still not up yet!!!!

I can't believe it either put a template for the butterfly wings but not the cloud

I am really annoyed that I have bought this publication for 72 issues and after several complaints to Hatchette and various emails online we are still waiting for this template. I knew it had been overlooked again today after seeing the butterfly wings template. Why is nobody reading these messages? Why is nothing being done? Hatchette were going to contact their IT department today so hopefully the template will appear shortly and hopefully an apology. Love the quilt and am willing to see this as an oversight. What I cannot accept is being ignored.

Has anybody heard from them yet??
Iv emailed but not heard anything

Please choose your country

South Africa