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Hello and welcome to Sew & Stitch Blog, here we'll be telling you all about the latest trends, our own inspirations and running competitions for you to win some lovely prizes. We'd also love to see what you've been up to, so you can upload your own projects for us to see and share with all the other Sew & Stitch members. Really it's all you need to know! (Well, when it comes to Sew & Stitch anyway!)


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You'll be getting very close to finishing your quilt by now. In fact, some of you have already finished your own versions of the quilt, using alternative designs and fabrics for the back. Looking great I must say!  We'd love to see the results of all your hard work so please send in photos of...
10 June 2015
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An exciting issue this week as we finally start to appliqué the giant seaside scene onto the back of our quilt! With it you should have received a large piece of plain light blue fabric for the cloud, and some yellow spot for the sun that we will make with turned edge appliqué – the same...
28 January 2015
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This week we are adding a rosebud square to the top of the anchor drop section we completed before. Then we are adding some pistol stitch stars to our waves and starfish block and joining this to another two blocks. By the time you have finished the instructions you should have joined six ...
14 January 2015
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Ahoy there! We are now returning to the anchor drop section we started a couple of weeks back. The bottom half is made from our beach huts fabric and we need to prepare it for quilting by drawing on the lines where we will later stitch through all the layers. Use a sharp, light pencil for this...
7 January 2015
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We will make the anchor drop square in two parts but for this week we are concentrating on the background square as it is made up from four different pieces of fabric. Make sure you measure them accurately before cutting so that when they are sewn together your square is the right size. You will...
7 January 2015

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