Alternative Sew & Stitch Ideas

It's always a struggle to choose which lovely projects go in each issue of the magazine because with a different fabric and finish, you can make a sewing project look completely different. In this section, we thought we'd get our creative designers to make an alternative version of some of our projects so that you can choose which idea suits you best.

Alternative Idea image
We loved the little bag from issue 1 so much we had our designer create this little alternative. In gorgeous tartan fabric and with a pretty bow this is a very stylish piece we hope you'll enjoy...
11 September 2013
Alternative Idea image
Here’s just the thing if you have a bit more time, and want to make a slightly more complicated version of the 50s apron. Instead of tuck pleats try learning to make box pleats, and I have also added...
18 October 2013
Ice Cream tea Cosy
Like the beach themed tea cosy, but not so sure about the anchor? Here is a pattern for a delicious ice cream one - bound to bring you a taste of the seaside even in winter! 
29 October 2013
Owl Brooch
Here is an alternative bird brooch pattern for you - the original is in Issue 7, but if you wanted to make a different bird, then how about an Owl? It doesn’t take very long to stitch, but would make...
18 November 2013
Reindeer oven glove
What more could you want this Christmas than a homemade festive oven glove to present your turkey to the table?! Follow the instructions for the penguin oven mitt in issue 14, but use this free...
19 December 2013

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